From June to October, Tech-Share meets in community places like libraries to support community technical education opportunities. Find these events on the calendar

Regional professionals combine technical skills, resources, and equipment to create Tech-Share, in an effort to provide technical services, resources, and programming for Mid-Kansas Music (MKSM) and promote digital equity for all.

  • Access to digital and technical resources, equipment, products, services, and professional referrals.
  • Media and technical skills programming, resources, meetups, support, training, and equipment.

Web-Share is a community project that makes it easy for anyone to have a website. Websites hosted with Web-Share support Tech-Share and Mid-Kansas Music programming. 

Never heard of digital equity? Get informed here

Technical arts professionals are well-equipped to support current technical, digital, and media arts needs within the recent extreme socio-economic development. Digital equity and access to technical education and equipment is essential for arts ecosystems and all communities, professional and otherwise. Geographical and economic differences can create extremely limited access to technology and technical learning opportunities. Tech-Share meets at the intersections of arts and non-arts, technology, business, and social communications with empowerment and hope.