Musicians and technical arts professionals collaborate to champion the ecology of the music industry and intersecting creative scenes and sectors in the Midwest. Collaborators offer information exchange resources that promote professional development, government programs and resources, education and training, employment and work referrals, and more.

Did you know? In sciences and biology, “culture” can be defined as, “an environment suitable for growth.” The arts are inseparable from culture and socioeconomic development. Everyone deserves to experience, create and express themselves safely, and to have autonomy over their creative work. Safely: without fear of harm, and with the resources necessary for life and well-being. Empowered social environments create and maintain healthy ecosystems.

Mid-Kansas Music seeks to support Kansas in the navigation of its arts, and specifically music, communities and industrie while empowering, amplifying, and advocating for arts, specifically music, communities, ecosystems, and industries.

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MKSM shares statewide and local information and promotes resource exchange about things like

  • professional development
  • government programs and resources
  • education
  • artist and technical arts work referrals
  • employment and training
  • technical/digital skills
  • business management
  • community connection, industry networking


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