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  • Dam Jam Music Festival

    Dam Jam Music Festival

    Central Kansas music festival, Annual in July thedamjam.com and new in 2023: Annual Arts Jam at Dam Jam

  • Walnut Valley Festival

    Walnut Valley Festival

    Winfield, Annual in September wvfest.com

  • MixMaster 2023 Music Conference

    MixMaster 2023 Music Conference

    In its 10th year, the MixMaster Music Conference is a music community event that brings local artists and music industry professionals from across the region together to share information, learn from each other, and support our music ecosystem. Empowering musicians through collaborative programs and conversations, MXM2023 offers panels, workshops and networking opportunities accessible to all…

  • Bryce Luty Jazz Festival

    Bryce Luty Jazz Festival

    Instrumental Jazz Program, Stringer Fine Arts Center Hutchinson Community College, Annual in February Instrumental Jazz Facebook

  • Event: Arts Council Symposium

    Event: Arts Council Symposium

    Title: Kansas Arts Council Symposium Date: October 11th, 12th Description: The Symposium was created to bring together emerging and established arts councils and organizations from around Kansas to facilitate professional development, partnership, and celebration of the arts in our communities. Salina Arts & Humanities and the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission are hosting the 2023…